A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

PlagueGround a Multiplayer 3D game built in Unity.

Gameplay begins with three mad doctors each with their own abilities.  Dr. Red sprays out a path of toxic fumes that infect the other players who tread upon it.  Dr. Blue spawns poisonous health packs by pressing the X key on the controller.  Dr. Purple summons poisonous rats to infect other players.  There is a gameplay inside the game because you can get together and move around the laboratory furniture.  For example you can trap the rats in a laboratory bench fortress.

The game ends when only one Doctor remains to show off his dance moves.

Animation :  Gordon Gray

Modelling and Rigging : Gordon Gray and Ariana Hipsagh

Programmers:  Martin-John Hearty and Marc Lecuyer

Sound:  Gordon Gray


Plague_Ground.zip 28 MB
PlaceNameHere.exe 623 kB

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